Sunday, June 14, 2009

I think we should buy out this Union that does not do anything for the teachers

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Good Luck with your your lawsuit. I do not know anymore what is going on with RW. that doesn't defend the teachers.

In New York we had the same problem. My school was phased out. A couple of teachers filed a grievanace because 50 percent of the senior teachers were kicked out. The day of the hearing or meeting the principal and the Union Rep. of my district did not show up. The Dist. Rep. sent another woman who did not know about the problem and we lost. I think that the grievance was a BIG FARCE! Then Mr. Mendel called us stating that the UFT was filing a lawsuit on our behalf. Many of us agreed with this lawsuit. We went to talk to the NYS lawyers with all the documentation and after a year RW. told us that the lawsuit was dismissed because of the ATR Agreement they reached.

The ATR Agreement is supposed to benefit ATR teachers. RW. explained to us that they are going to have a HIRING FREEZE so the ATR teachers can get jobs. So far none of the ATRs got jobs.

I applied to many jobs on the Open Market and went to drop my resume to numerous schools to no avail. A month had past since the agreement and I did not get an answer. Is this another FARCE AGREEMENT?

In my district there are some rumors that RW. is negotiating a buy out for the ATR teachers. I think we should buy out this Union that does not do anything for the teachers.


Unknown said...


WHY don't we get together, and organize a buy out of the UFT, and put some REAL educators in charge, instead of a sell out lawyer that "taught" for only 6 months, at most?

I'm on board- what about others?

proofoflife said...

No postings at my factory! Five positions though. I think the factory manager is waiting for the hiring freeze to be lifted. Then the factory boss can say JUMP and the newbies will reply , how high!

Anonymous said...

Randi's next trick in the new contract will be to put in a fire within three months clause for tenured teachers in the rubber room so the DOE can benefit by taking away their salary. That way with no salary they can't even fight the charges against them and are never heard from again. Randi and Mayor Bloomberg are both on the same page on this one. As they are on most things. As far as I'm concerned the UFT has become another arm of the DOE.

Anonymous said...

In my school we have some openings and the principal did not post any of these jobs. She gave some of the positions to the F. STATUS people.
I was surprised to see this because Randy or Mendel mentioned that the F STATUS teachers were not supposed to get these jobs but the ATR teachers. WHAT IS THE TRUTH -- WHO GETS THE JOB IF THERE ARE SOME OPENINGS IN A SCHOOL? ATRS OR F. STATUS TEACHERS?
When are we the ATR teachers going to find an appointed position? What is more, there is no incentive to hire us because our salary comes from central. If a principal hires an ATR whose salary comes from central, the principal will lose $22.000 for the first year.
Correct me if I am wrong.