Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Children Are Not For Sale...

...Say No to Mayoral Control

In recent months, sectors of the African-American community, which BloomKlein have attempted to divide though their market-based misleading school choice/charter school movement (don't send your children to the horrible schools we've been running for 7 years), has been throwing up resistance.

Basir Mchawi of the WBAI show, Education At the Crossroads, is looking for endorsers to the AD against mayoral control. "We need individuals and organizations to sign on. We also need some donations to make this happen. To date we have identified the Amsterdam News and Brooklyn's Our Time Press as conduits for the ad."

GEM has made a contribution for the placement of this ad. ICE is considering doing so too. Contact if you'd like to contribute or for more info.

Click to enlarge. If it is not clear, email me and I'll send the pdf.

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andrew said...

The past two decades have seen a serious run at destroying America's system of universal public education for the sake of the global economy and maximum profit making. Call these folks what you will--the Business Roundtable, corporatists, Reagan Revolutionaries, neoliberals, disciples of Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand, privatizers, money-grubbing vultures--their objective was always clear. They wanted Americas children educated into their service. They wanted servants on the road to outright slavery.

Some of their number stepped up in a big way. There was of course Bill Gates who is the nerdish face of the movement. There was America's first family of fascism, the Waltons. They wanted children trained for the tedium of Walmart jobs as early as possible. And there was the decrepit one, Eli Broad, who has maybe done more damage to the nation's children than any other human being on Earth.

Well there is good news around Eli Broad today. No he has not died. It's better than that. The foundation of all the money he uses to fashion his attack on public education, KB Home, has been downgraded to "sell" by Goldman Sachs, the people in charge of the US economy now. The share price of Broad's baby has dropped quite precipitously today over that.

There's nothing like a bit of good news to brighten up a Monday morning. And remember, Boycott Bing, Gates is counting on it to punch up Microsoft's earnings. This has always been about economic warfare and the sooner we hit back the better.

Boycotting Bing,
Paul Moore