Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Did Anyone Find My Missing DVD?

The NY Post reports on an accidental showing of a Jemma Jameson porn flick to an auditorium full of kids at PS 17 in Brooklyn.

I used to visit the school when I was in tech support 10 years ago. I was wondering what happened to that missing dvd.

Do you think the dvd player was locked in the principal's office or not? Check out the pic they used of the principal. Not his best. Every principal should spend an hour a day watching porn. Would keep them out of the hair of teachers.

Does anyone question the classes watching the "film festival" in the auditorium, also known as mass preps, something that occurs almost every day in many schools? Well, if its Jemma, why not?

I'll bet there's some math to be taught somewhere in this flick.

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