Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2nd Circuit denied the city’s request for a stay, and affirmed Judge Hellerstein’s decision: The march is on!

The rally at Bloomberg's tomorrow has captured people's imagination. Teachers, students, parents and education activists are coming together from the grass roots. Let me reiterate: this protest has come from the bottom with no activity from the UFT, other than to discourage people from getting involved. With a groundswell, we might see that change today so they don't get totally left out in case of press coverage. Off to the Delegate Assembly to see if we can interest any Unity Caucus and New Action slugs into coming on down. Then off to a meeting to finalize plans. More later.


  1. I just checked the weather for the day of your event. For Thursday, January 21, in N.Y.C., the National Weather Service at NOAA is reporting sunny conditions with a high of 43 °F.

    So, with a forecast like that, it definitely looks like the protest march is blessed!

    Have a great time!

    From your supporter in the drenched Bay Area,

  2. My CAPE will be flying high for you, sister.


  3. Thanks Sharon. We will be missing you today. The time will come when a national movement will lead to all of us marching together.

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