Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Save Alfred E. Smith Career & Technical Education High School

What: Public hearing regarding proposal by New York City Department of Education to phase-out AES HS
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When: Public Hearing: Monday, January 11, 6:00pm
Public Hearing Rally: Friday, Jan 8th, 3:30 - 4:30pm

Where: Rally & Public Hearing will be at Alfred E. Smith CTE High School
333 East 151 Street, Bronx
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Subject: Save Alfred E. Smith Career & Technical Education High School

Alfred E. Smith Career & Technical Education (CTE) High School is one of the public schools proposed to be phase out by the NYC Department of Education (DOE) due to poor graduation rates. The DOE's Panel for Education Policy (PEP) states that Alfred E. Smith CTE HS will be phased out without replacement. We welcome change, but phasing out our school is not the answer and unacceptable; not having a plan that involves the continued use of the building to educate the economically disadvantaged South Bronx students in pre-engineering, plumbing, carpentry, electrical, HVAC, and automotive mechanics is disgraceful. A phase out would mean no freshman will enter the shop classes in September 2010. The teachers will be released, shop classes will be increasingly underutilized and eventually nonexistent. As a result, plumbers, electricians, HVAC mechanics, carpenters, automotive mechanics and pre-engineers no longer be trained at AES. Phasing out Alfred E. Smith HS and eliminating its unparalleled Career & Technical Education component is unequivocally a mistake and not the solution to the problem, here are quantitative reasons why:

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DEBRA WILLIAMS Hand knitting/Crochet Baking said...

Why closing Alfred E. Smith High School? Alfred school is already crowed with some class has in 30 to 36 students. That is not good for students, how can one teacher teach 30 to 36 students in one class. Hom many of the students is really learning only a few. The class room is pack like sardine can. The Board of Ed. needs to look in the situation of the students future. Leave the building alone these students needs teachers that can teach. Not teachers who teach (PE)to teach math, teacher who teach english is teaching science. The building is not the problem is the board of Ed. Put on the thinkin cap and do more for the students in Alfred E. Smith Career & Technical education High School. MY son is a senior in Alfred smith High school he graduating in June 2010. Thanks to some of the teachers that show and put out their effort in Ricky Decoster to work harder also Ms. Pimental his guidance conselor. I do Appreciate the efforts they show in my son Ricky Decoster to push harder to complete is class for graduation. Please take care of your back yard before taking care of other state. New Jersey is doing better in education than New York City public schools. Follow New Jersey foot steps. Learn form the best. and stop close the building, and listen to the parents, and students, teachers, that know that the school is doing a great job. retest some of the teachers and see if they are really qualified for the teaching position. The building did not do anything to the students ok. so just leave the school building open for the future students. when you close the school you are keeping these students back that is already in 9th grade or tenth grade. those are the students have to start over in a different school that is not good for the students or the parents. stop doing this to black students and the black parents. Board of head think about the students more and not the school building please. thank you. Mrs. Williams.