Sunday, January 31, 2010

....And Philly Too: The Resistance Grows

Hello friends and colleagues, As you have probably heard, the School District of Philadelphia has announced its plans for dealing with the schools in our District that have been 'under-performing' for years. It's called the Renaissance Schools plan. Instead of giving these schools the vital resources they're in much need of, the District's solution is to turn these schools over to different management and wash their hands clean of responsibility. And, this is all in line with Federal and State initiatives like Obama's Race to the Top and No Child Left Behind. The Renaissance Schools plan could have far reaching negative consequences on the education of tens of thousands of students in Philadelphia. The Teacher Action Group put together this information sheet to explain the situation (it's mostly geared toward educators.) If you work in Philly schools or know folks who do, please forward this to them. We need to get the word out. Teachers and educators need to be talking and strategizing with students, parents and other community members about what we all want to see happen in this District. Here's to the fight to keep public education public!

Anissa Weinraub

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