Thursday, January 21, 2010

Does Mulgrew Get It?

This cross-post from Under Assault, who doesn't blog enough, seems to think he might be. And lots of others seem to think so too as satisfied reports come from within and without Unity, as Randi-wear seems to have made almost anyone look good in comparison. One Unity flack said with glee, "Randi's gone." Ding Dong!

I still maintain it is just style over substance and with an election coming up Mulgrew must sound militant. As always, watch what they do, not what they say. The delegate assembly is as undemocratic as ever (with visitors banished to the 19th floor as the leadership cries "no room" while holding a meeting that could attract over 3000 people in a room that holds 850) and the Unity goon squad roams free around the schools to urge supervisors to go after certain dissident teachers.

Randi looked like gold in the post-Feldman years. It took me almost 4 years to realize Randi was full of bullshit. And many others didn't get it until she was just about leaving. My guess is Mulgrew's honeymoon will not last as long as the only way to stop the privatization mayhem is to organize and educate the membership (vs. the current misleading "the DOE mismanagement" campaign) effectively, which would require creating a more open and democratic union, something too dangerous for Mulgrew to risk.

Today's rally at the Bloomberg abode is being totally ignored by the UFT hierarchy and behind the scenes, schools are being discouraged from attending. So to me it's the same old, same old.


Delegate Assemblies ain't what they used to be, that's for sure.

Today Mulgrew gave a President's Report that sounded like a playbook from ICE and GEM.

My only question is: What took him and his Unity caucus so long.

For Mulgrew to talk about how bad it is in some communities reeling from the "separate and unequal" charter schools shoving their way into our public schools, he had to have boned up pretty well on the Sept. 13 '09 post in the GEM blog:

The protest denounced the chaos precipitated by the HSA charter takeover of PS 123 classrooms, the disarray to their supplies and furnishings, the DOE’s dictatorial imposition of charter schools, privatization and the resulting “separate and unequal” conditions.

Or this one from even earlier, on June 15th:

“We need to support quality and democratic processes for all public schools. Charter schools, such as Equality Charter, split communities and sow inequality instead. They ‘cream the best students’ and evidence shows that charters service fewer percentages of the neediest of students such English Language Learners, Special Education and the poorest of the poor. We need to organize a citywide fight-back against the mayor’s undemocratic imposition of these charters that take away resources from public schools. Charters union-bust and undermine the necessary unity parents and teachers against government’s failure to properly provide for all public schools.”

That comment was made by GEM co-founder and long-time activist Angel Gonzalez. GEM put up its first post last April, and it's been pretty much one report after another over on that blog about all the demonstrations, rallies, protests and activism against the charter school movement.

Mulgrew's just discovering this now? What took him and his Unity caucus so long.

Back at today's meeting, he congratulated the teacher activists at PS 15 defending their school against a charter (PAVE) trying to extend its stay in the building. There's no question that these members and the parents should be commended for their fight, but it wasn't Mulgrew or his caucus spearheading that effort either. Ednotes put up a post and video on the PAVE encroachment last September. GEM (in this post) and a newly formed group in the area, Concerned Activists for Public Education (CAPE), took up the fight in the fall and haven't let up since.

In fact, Ednotes has been publishing a virtual almanac of the whole charter school invasion citywide, and it looks as if Mulgrew's been prepping for this moment on all that reportage. As he said at today's meeting: "That's the type of fight we want to be on top of all the time." And so they are — jumping right on board after all the groundwork has been laid by everybody else.

I worked a lot this past summer on the charter school takeovers in Harlem with members of ICE, GEM, CPE (Coalition for Public Education), CIF (the Center for Immigrant Families) and the office of Senator Bill Perkins. We've been to community board meetings, confronted DoE and charter school administrators, talked with politicians and the press, blogged a lot, and made some spectacular videos of most of the events.

Not many Unity/UFT members ever showed up at these events. If they did, they mostly hung around at the edges — interested enough to see what was going on, but not enough to actually roll up their sleeves.

I've written before about how UFT managers have co-opted some of the fundamental principles on which groups like ICE and GEM are founded. What was Weingarten's ACES program last May but a reworking of ICE's 2004 platform.

It seems they're doing it again, jumping onto a movement that activist groups have been building for a year. They published a picture of GEM's 10-ft banner in the NY Teacher, and they spout our words. "Fix our schools, don't shut them down" appeared in the Jan. 11, 2010 of their rag, but see the April 6th '09 post GEM put up on its blog nine months earlier focusing on the message to "keep schools open, fix our schools, don't close them."

Facing the assembly this afternoon, Mulgrew spread his arms wide and thanked the delegates for all their work "reframing the argument." The DoE, he said, can no longer close schools without rhyme, reason or accountability. We [presumably the union and the communities] demand clear criteria, and these arguments are now resonating with elected officials all over town.

The majority of delegates at that assembly did nothing to earn his praise. It was the work of our grassroots oppositional union groups that plowed this field so that Mulgrew and his Unity hacks could muck their way through it to our side.

I keep coming back to the same question. What took them so long.


Anonymous said...

Mulgrew is the same as RW. on a suit. He just talks and doesn't act. Mulgrew ignored the protest at Bloomberg's block for today. He did not notify the teachers in the schools. He didn't want to upset his friend the mayor.

Anonymous said...

Read this:

And read his comment--
“We will work with the state, and have conversations with the chancellor and commissioner to figure out what this all means,” he said.

Yeah, he gets it...the state/city/Obama wants to turn at least 17 large high schools into charter schools. The mayor/chancellor are giddy, the state is clueless and he's trying to figure out what it all means....

What a leader!

proofoflife said...

Yup.. much like my principal, she likes my ideas when she can steal them! Sound familiar? In spite of the lack of support by Unity the turnout was awesome. I was proud to walk with you guys. This is what a truly committed union does. Work for real change, not make' nice nice 'with those looking to hang us!

Under Assault said...

Ditto, P of Life. I was proud to be amongst that lot also.

Just weighing in here on Norm's opening paragraph.
I did not want to give the impression that I think Mulgrew will act in accordance with his words. I've watched Unity too long for that, where they say one thing and do another, as in Weingarten sabotaging of the 2008 ATR rally at Tweed.

And you don't even have to go back that far. Today's chapter leader weekly doesn't even mention yesterday's protest at Bloomberg's residence, even though it's plastered over the media from the Times to the Huffington Post. So here's Mulgrew on Dec. 20th complimenting PS 15 activists at the DA, yet choosing not to even acknowledge their nationally reported rally two days later in an in-house newsletter. Such is Unity.

They're publicly taking on some ICE positions (what did take them so long) — but it's like putting on a new overcoat. What's going on underneath, out of the light of day is anyone's guess, since their track record on supporting the quality of our profession is pretty appalling.

Anonymous said...

Mulgrew knows what is going on, however he plays DUMB.