Friday, January 29, 2010

Full-tilt coverage of the battle over school closings in new issue of The Indypendent


We have full-tilt coverage of the battle over school closings in the new issue of The Indypendent that hit the streets today, which includes a four-color pull-out center spread that highlights the influence of billionaire philanthropists in pushing the school "reform" process. We currently distribute the Indy in these places

Due to the importance of this issue, we bumped up our usual press run this edition. If you would like to get bundles to distribute at work, in your school or neighborhood, please contact me and we will do what we can to get you extra papers.


John Tarleton
The Indypendent

Taking the Public Out of Schools

Inside Columbus High School

Bloomberg's 12-Step Method to Close Down Public Schools

New York City School's by the Numbers

Stealing the Best and the Brightest

The Faces of School Reform (Pull-out center spread)

A PDF of the full issue can be found at

People can reach me directly about getting papers at

Also see a report on the large Queens schools threatened with closure at Norms Notes:
Almost All Queens HS on State Hit List

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