Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Report of Paul Robson Closing Meeting, Jan. 7

Can barely keep my eyes open so this will be short-- but I did want to send a little synopsis on this evening. I was at Paul Robeson HS protest/meeting tonight. I stayed until the end I believe there were 56 people who spoke. All were for keeping the school open there was not one voice in agreement with closing of the school. It was encouraging to listen to all the people speak their hearts and minds--there were student graduates from years passed who spoke --there were recent grads and current students all gave compelling 2 minute comments about the caring nurturing and supportive environment of Paul Robeson. I was especially encouraged by all the faculty and teachers who spoke out-- this was telling-proving my friend right who has predicted that 2010 is destined to be the year of the Brave!

There was a decent showing from the UFT as well--they gave out buttons inscribed DOE: Persistently failing Management and the message they were intent on hammering home. I was moved by so many-- and Senator Eric Adams calling for a mass movement from the people to take to the streets. While there were some community people there were very few parents who spoke.

Several motivating reminders about Bloomberg's residence on Jan 21and the PEP on Jan 26
to the streets....


Ed Note: The UFT has been pressing the mismanagement theme, which misdirects people from seeing the DOE management are very good at managing the privatization of the public school system. And the UFT/AFT full well knows it as this has been happening in urban school systems all over the place.

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