Saturday, January 16, 2010

More School Closing Events

At the Choir Academy of Harlem on Friday, January 8th, 2010, John White, the Deputy Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education attempted to talk over a local citizen who was attempting to clarify a point of order. The Choir Academy of Harlem community let him know who they wanted to hear from and it wasn't Mr. White. - GEM

Nathaniel Thayer Wright sends an update on AE Smith HS
We're in the New York Times! Click here to see the complete Jan 15th, 2010 article in the New York Times that includes our AES-Smalls Electrical Construction music video collaboration, "Can't Stop Us," written by Mark Noakes.

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“Once we start, we ain’t gonna stop achieving, Smith is here, and DoE, we ain’t leaving,” go the lyrics, set over the song “Can’t Stop Me” by Jadakiss. (The DoE is the Department of Education. The music is set over accelerated video of students learning carpentry, automotive and other trades in the high school.

Mark Noakes, 23, the rapper and lyricist, is a project manager at Smalls Electrical Construction Inc. in Brooklyn. Four of his colleagues at the electrical company are Smith High alumni, and when he got word the school was proposed to be among 20 city schools closing for poor performance, he decided to help spread the word about what would be lost.

“I graduated from a technical college, and I know firsthand what a technical school can offer in today’s society,” he said. “The education propels them into the corporate world, where they earn decent money.”

His boss, Jeffrey Smalls, organized a petition with 3,000 signatures and got 90 alumni and employers to write letters of support. “Smith is the only school left that teaches the full range of trades, and it would be a tragedy to lose it,” he said. “When students graduate, they understand not just how things work, but why things work, and they have a much better performance in the field.”

Nathaniel Thayer Wight
MS CCC-SLP, Speech & Language Pathologist
Green Science Club Coordinator / Teacher
Alfred E. Smith Career & Technical Education High School

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