Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Panel for Educational Policy, Dec. 2009: Teachers Defend Their Schools

The last in a series of videos from the Dec. PEP meeting, here are a variety of teachers, many of them on the younger side, expressing their outrage at the closing of their schools.

In the past we had seen more senior teachers (ahem) expressing their outrage at Tweed policies, so I view this video as a sort of watershed as these seem to be the very people the DOE was courting and senior teachers were lamenting how they would never stand up. Well, here they go. Inevitable. More will do so until there is a real movement. You doubt it? The ed deformers have so little resistance they will just keep deforming until people can't take it anymore and will act. See CORE in Chicago as a model of what's coming to NYC.

We met one of the teachers who spoke on the subway platform after the meeting. She is a TFA alum. Her first school in her first year was closed. She felt she found a home in her new school and now this school is being closed. "They say TFA's won't stay but I expected to keep teaching here. But with this happening so often I don't know if I will. I want to teach but probably not here." She is a much needed math teacher. The other teachers were equally impressive in defending their schools. The URL is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEYJsrUVo1s or watch it here:

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