Thursday, January 28, 2010

CORE Organizes to Fight School Closings in Chicago and What We Have to Do in NYC

What role did the actions of Arne Duncan play in the rise of CORE in Chicago? CORE may give them a bigger nightmare than the one I had the other night. Look at the agenda below. People who have not been involved deeply in UFT politics ask me what's my beef with the UFT leadership and I would say where have they been all these years in teaching people at threatened schools how to fight back. There is no strategy (though considering how the leadership has pretty much been copying the GEM/ICE agenda - even handing out buttons that have the look of GEM buttons, we can expect some kind of copycat event). Right now the UFT is talking about going to court. Remember the CFE suit a decade ago? By the time this process is done there will be no public schools left to fight for. GEM hopefully will model itself on CORE and hold a similar conference for schools that are next on the chopping block.

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