Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Battle of Rochester: Fighting Mayoral Control

From a contact in Rochester, where Kleinite Jean Claude Brizzard was installed as Superintendent last year. Apparently, that is not enough. In order to fully undermine public education, the forces that be demand mayoral control which will allow them to totally shut out the public from any decision making. Look for the videos I will start posting later today of last Tuesday's PEP meeting to see what mayoral control has wrought.

We are gearing up a big battle here. Due to extreme pressure put on the mayor by the community, he decided to have community meetings all this coming week. This came about after he was put on the spot for not having any dialogue on the issue. Last week there were protests at two of the legislators offices who are going to introduce the bill. The mayor then thought twice about having community meetings this week as they are expected to be large and totally opposed to the takeover. He has now cancelled the meetings until AFTER the bill is drafted and submitted (something that he tried to sell early on but was rebuked). Attached is the article where he backs down.

Mayor Robert Duffy released his draft report on mayoral control of Rochester schools today.

“It is important to understand that this draft report is not the legislation that would lead to the reforms I am calling for,” Mayor Duffy said in an accompanying statement. “This is a framework outlining the reasons why change is needed and some of the things that would look different under that change.”

City Council meets tonight at City Hall to discuss mayoral control. The meeting began at 4: 30 p.m. in executive session where council members are discussing the sale of Hemlock and Canadice lakes watershed to the state.


The Perimeter Primate said...

Brizzard is a member of the Broad Superintendents Academy Class of 2007

Moriah Untamed said...

Norm, you have done a good job of getting the word out for years now using multimedia. Could we be at a point where we can join forces and start competing with traditional media?

You would know better than I. Check out my last post and let me know what you think.