Friday, January 22, 2010

Do I Really Care About the Results in Massachusettes? HELL NO!!!

Call it tunnel vision, but I am so livid at the beyond-Bush education policies of Obama, that it taints everything else he does. His pro-corporate (which dovetails perfectly with the ed policy) and pro-banking policies don't make it any better. So when they - I mean the Democrats - try to scare me with the prospect of Sarah Palin beating Obama in 2012 and ask me to get up at dawn to schelp over to Allentown Pa. to volunteer for Obama, I ain't a marchin' anymore. Practice saying it now: President Palin. At this point, I don't give a crap.


Anonymous said...

Well said, but not finished yet.

I'm here in Massachusetts, and I did mobilize for Coakley (at the last minute, having supported Capuano), but was surprised to find how little of a crap I cared about the supermajority at this point. It was never a real supermajority, but an obstacle cobbled together to give obstructionists veto power before a proposal even hit the floor. We still have an actual majority, which we have wasted so far.

Also, the flurry of surveys from Team Obama has been somewhat heartening. To the first one (before the election) I answered, "no, you don't need my money, now that you have Eli Broad and Bill Gates' billions."

Then, weighed in: Should we continue to support administration policies, or is it more important to change their direction? "Stand up to the corporate hacks who have hijacked the party." I replied, and they did, so I sent them money.

Last couple of days, you might have noticed many questionnaires from Team Obama. You know what they have to do, and I know what they have to do, and now THEY know that they have to do. Keep telling them.

Anonymous said...

Obama was never what he pretended to be. He was a wolf in sheep's clothing & now we have been dupped.

Arthur Goldstein said...

I do care about it, and I'll tell you why--I think it represents a rejection of the utter indifference to progressive voices by Obama and company. He promised change and delivered none.

I believe that, in fact, is why Democrats stayed home in droves. I've been a strong Democrat until just this year, and I think there are many others just like me. I wouldn't vote for Obama or Paterson on a bet today.

Anonymous said...

Nearly double the amount of schools are to be closed thanks to the NYSED and RTTT. Where is the coverage from blogs like yours, the papers, ICE-TJC, GEM?

ed notes online said...

No time to get to it yet. Most people are out there organizing. Why not start a blog yourself and cover it? Let us know when you do and we'll link to it.

Chris Lehmann said...

I completely understand how you feel... I'm so disappointed in the education policy of President Obama that I feel like he is getting what he deserves. I don't know if that's the best reaction, but it is how I feel.

And nice Phil Ochs reference.