Saturday, January 23, 2010

Protest at Bloomberg Home


Press Conf Video at Norm Siegel Office Re: Police Photos of Rally at Bloomberg
part 1

part 2

part 3

Why did the police need to take pics when they can check out the blogs?

Pissed off teacher went and took some nice pics.

More photos at GEM:

Rally to STOP School Closures at Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Home 1/21/10

Protest at Bloomberg Home, Jan. 21, 2010. The finale at the gathering area on Central Park and 79th St. Led by GEM's Angel Gonzalez, student speakers Rachel Ali and Chris Petrillo, CAPE/PS 15'a Lydia Bellahcene an Julie Cavanagh,Jamaica HS James Eterno, Norman Siegel.

Please feel free to use this video from the: "Teachers Protest School Closing and Charter School Invasions" event.
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StorageCraft said...

The protest has strong reasons and it should be continued till it reaches the right ears. If i was present over there i would surely have supported it.