Sunday, December 29, 2013

Patrick Sullivan resigns from NYC Board of Education (formerly the PEP)

This is a sad day for the children, teachers and parents of the city. I've watched Patrick Sullivan often be the lone voice of sanity in the midst of the sickness of ed deform.

We hope that one of Bill de Blasio's first steps is to appoint Patrick back to the newly constituted Board of Education (which we no longer expect to be called the PEP since by law -- which Bloomberg violated for 12 years -- it is supposed to still be the BOE).

How nice would it be for Patrick to bring his considerable skills to the table with a working majority instead of the Bloomberg era PEP puppets.

Of course, newly elected borough president Gale Brewer could also reappoint Patrick as Manhattan borough rep -- we will be watching her - and all the new borough presidents - to see what level of ed deformer or real reformer they appoint.

The announcement is at NYCParents blog.

I heard that Patrick would accept another appointment. Who else would be great for the new BOE? Leonie, of course if she wanted it. But my guess is that de Blasio will go middle of the road - which may be a problem, given that there will be 5 borough people (from Bklyn Eric Adams - who often backs charters, Queens Melissa Katz who is hooked up to Curtis Sliva, Brewer who I know nothing about and the new guy in Staten Island who might put a better person on than in the past.

The 8 mayoral appointees for a change need to be from the progressive wing. Some Patrick/Leonie like people to create some balance.

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