Sunday, December 15, 2013

Change the Stakes end of year meeting - Tuesday 12/17, 5:30

Join what promises to be a lively discussion about the issues and how we – as parents, teachers and students – can respond individually and collectively.....Change the Stakes
Press Conference re: City Council Resolution on High-Stakes Testing - On December 9th, Change the Stakes participated in a press conference held on the steps of City Hall in support of Resolution 1394, which calls for high-st...
And people are going out to eat Korean food after the meeting. A chat 'n chew evening. This is my favorite group because it is real grassroots organizing - parents who came out to get involved due to the impact of high stakes testing on their kids and their kids' schools.

Please join us this coming Tuesday as we discuss the abundance of recent events and plan for the remainder of this school year and beyond. All are welcome. Please consider sharing with those who would benefit from this event and posting the attached flier.

Tuesday, December 17th @ 5:30 PM
CUNY Graduate Center, 5th Ave between 34th and 35th streets, Room 5414

*Please bring photo ID to enter building

What is happening here?

Chancellor Tisch and Commissioner King are not listening to parents and teachers who see through the smoke and mirrors of their state education policies. During their visits to NYC and elsewhere, they have made it abundantly clear that despite widespread criticism, they have no plans of reducing the stakes their agenda imposes on students, teachers and schools. In Chancellor Tisch’s words, they are considering only “tweaks” to their agenda, despite the fact that it subjects public school children to unprecedented experimentation. They clearly plan to continue to bulldoze ahead with high-stakes testing and privacy-violating data collection, despite a very loud outcry from public school parents across NYS.

What can we do?

Change the Stakes will host a discussion about how these policies are playing out in your particular school with your children and teachers. Following this discussion, we will develop a wide-ranging action plan with the goal of empowering all stakeholders who have been affected by current education “reforms,” as we continue to build the movement to end high-stakes testing and support ALL public education students. Because every school is different and every child is unique, we encourage you to come and share your stories!

Join what promises to be a lively discussion about the issues and how we – as parents, teachers and students – can respond individually and collectively.

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