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Obama's Admiration for Mandela - Is He Pal'n Around With Terrorists?

....the people who complain today about fast food workers organizing or the government taking guns away would have been the same people in the 80s saying Mandela was a terrorist. I can imagine the 1980s Facebook statuses. "Mandela died today. Thank God he never got a chance to steal South Africa away from the hard-working people and hand it over to a bunch of whiners who just want to profit off of the hard work and nation building of others". Or "thank God this dangerous maniac who supported a terrorist group that used to set people on fire is dead before he killed again." It is amazing how an ignorance of history and media propaganda could determine the perceptions of entire generations.... Dave Siroonian, Facebook
When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.... Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela and his African National Congress party have been removed from the US terror watch list.... 2008
I wonder how many of you actually know anything about Nelson Mandela. "Oh, he was such a great man." But I bet you can't explain why. If he would have died in the 80s, all the people crying over his death now because the media tells you to would have been villifying him as a terrorist and a communist, as the media would have told you to back then. Take your cues and bark like good little doggies... Dave Siroonian, Facebook

The Mandela That the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You About

by dianeravitch
Thanks to TeacherKen for directing me to this terrific article that contains a dozen Mandela quotes that are not likely to be repeated in the mainstream media.
When you read Mandela's obituary in the corporate media, he is sanitized and turned into a benign African version of Martin Luther King, Jr. (who was also sanitized by the MSM, which liked his lofty sentiments about justice but not his strong statements supporting unions and opposing the Vietnam War and poverty).... Diane Ravitch
Sen. Ted Cruz's praise for Nelson Mandela met with criticism by supporters. The Texas senator posted a message on his Facebook page saying that Mandela would 'live in history as an inspiration for defenders of liberty,' but some of the comments posted called the former South African leader a 'terrorist, communist, scumbag and murderer.'... Daily News
The DN printed some of the Facebook comments directed at Cruz. Makes for some fine bedtime reading.

But even more interesting was the downplaying of Mandela's politics, termed "right washing" --
With the passing of South African president Nelson Mandela Thursday came plenty of commentary from conservatives that completely altered his legacy, while at the same time trying to pretend that they have been supporters of Mandela all along. As Joan Walsh wrote in Salon, this “right washing” of Mandela’s legacy in order to paint the Republican party as allies in his fight against apartheid is unacceptable. But nothing is more symbolic of how far removed from reality the GOP is than a quick glance at Senator Ted Cruz’s Facebook post honoring Mandela’s legacy.... The Grio, MSNBC
Remember that Ronald Reagan supported the apartheid South African government because it was anti-Soviet and the Soviets supported Mandela's ANC. Did some ANC engage in terrorist acts in the struggle? Sure. As Mandela said in the lead quote: When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.

Thus Mandela justified guerrilla and terrorist tactics and who is questioning that today given the conditions forced on the people of South Africa -- other than the even righter than thou critics of Ted Cruz -- which is pretty astounding -- and just read some of the comments directed at the press for supposedly using these wing nut comments as way to discredit Cruz -- in fact, that Cruz didn't go over that ledge is praiseworthy.

Thanks to the work Dave Siroonian did on this issue on his Facebook page.

Here are a few more:
David Siroonian shared a link.
One of my favorite Louis Theroux documentaries. This combined with the article posted below gives you the dark side of South Africa in the age of the ANC.


  1. Mandela's organization was the ANC not the AMC. AMC is a cable outfit. Proofreading provided by your friendly Unity Hack.

  2. Wasn't Mandela a cable TV exec? Can't believe u still read this crap. I really think 'tis time for you to retire.


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