Friday, December 20, 2013

Videos of PS 321 Event: Teachers Talk Testing

Help Us Lower the Stakes Around Testing for Teachers and Families in NYC

I attended this amazing event at PS 321 which I reported on (Teachers Talk Testing Forum at PS 321)
I didn't have to film as a professional film maker, Michael Elliot, has been working with various groups opposing high stakes testing. He has put up a batch of videos cut into short very watchable segments. They include teachers from PS 321 and MOREistas Julie Cavanagh and Sam Coleman.

View then here: 

And here is the email we got today -- they want to spread the word to as many places as possible. So if you have something to say about testing, turn on those video cameras or cell phones and go to it -- then you will be able to upload to their site.
If interested in hosting a similar event at your school email:
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Thank you for signing our "Help Us Lower the Stakes Around Testing for Teachers and Families in NYC".   We are thrilled that so many have signed on.  We've been getting attention from the press and have almost 700 signatures already!

We are so excited to share selected videos from the December 3rd Teachers Talk Testing Forum. They can be found at The videos feature the stories shared by the teachers and administrators who spoke during the forum.  The stories were powerful expressions of the high cost of high-stakes testing.  We encourage you to view & share!  

We're planning on hand-delivering our petition against high-stakes testing to Mayor-elect de Blasio on Wednesday, January 15th.  We have almost 700 signatures already. Help us get past 1,000 by sharing link to the video and petition as widely as possible.

Teachers, please share your story about how high-stakes testing has impacted you.  Send a short video to and we will post it on  For questions, email us at




To view the full length speeches, visit our Youtube channel here: 

And to see some of the press we've been getting, visit the follow links: 

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  1. Diane Ravitch posted an insider essay on her blog showing how bad the Klein/Black/Walcott education policies were


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