Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Eva Moskowitz' Success Academy Gets Preferential DOE Treatment, Emails Show- DUHHH!

NEW YORK CITY — When Eva Moskowitz starts a new charter school, top officials at the city’s Department of Education move heaven and earth to meet her demands.
During the past two years, the DOE gave Moskowitz’s controversial chain, Success Academy, rent-free space in city school buildings to open 14 new co-location sites. In each handover, Moskowitz demanded the DOE deliver the space clear of furniture and broom-swept by 5 p.m. on the last day of the school year, according to sources and emails obtained by DNAinfo New York.
But since students used the space until the second-to-last day of the school year, the DOE was left with less than 36 hours to clear the area — costing the department tens of thousands of dollars in overtime from contracted workers scrambling to meet the onerous deadline.
“The cost was astronomical,” a DOE insider told DNAinfo New York. “We don’t have to do it the very last day of school. There’s absolutely no need for this.”
We saw this in person shortly after GEM got rolling in 2009 when they wiped out PS 123's teacher's stuff and tossed them in the bin. We went down for an early morning rally on the day after school ended - Tony Avella showed p and even Scott Stringer. (I have some video up somewhere on you tube but no time to link to it now. I challenged Stringer to reappoint Patrick Sullivan to the PEP.)

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