Monday, December 2, 2013

Another No-Nothing NY Times Ed Editorial

Do they read their own paper?... Loretta Prisco on NYT editorial board
. calls NYC teachers who work as substitutes "inactive".....Lisa Fleisher, WSJ, tweet
Great catch by Lisa. I tweeted back:
. Good pt- ATRe work full day- some as subs, others replacing teachers who are on leave, etc. NYT ed bd ignorant
Loretta Prisco's full comment:
There is so much misinformation, lack of understanding, and a premise built on untruths (the value of high stakes testing), that is hard to know where to begin to respond.  Do they read their own paper? Yes the NYT has been on the side of the billionaires - but it has also written some articles on the cheating on tests and the anxiety brought on by HST.  They have completely ignored those stories...
The comments are just beginning to flow exposing the ignorant fault lines in the NYT editorial. RBE already nailed them this morning.
Perdido Street School
NY Times: Teacher MUST Make Concessions on Seniority, ATR'S, Pay And Scheduling - Usual neo-liberal claptrap in the NY Times on the teachers contract. The Timesmen want teachers to agree to get rid of salary steps and tie teacher pay to ... 
Look for a barrage as the day goes on. There were some interesting tweets from Wall Street Journal reporter Lisa Fleisher (who I highlighted earlier this morning for her article on Citizens of the World).
  1. . writes on seniority & pool of "inactive" NYC teachers, but doesn't note link - it can cost principals more to hire "inactives"
  2. . calls NYC teachers who work as substitutes "inactive"

    1. Wouldn't it be a plus if state/city could remove personnel costs from principals' budgeting?

    2. NYT thinks that veteran teachers are roadblocks 2 progress? DOE ignored needs of ELL & special needs population 4 past decade

And a comment from parent activist Jeff Nichols, who made a wonderful presentation at the City Council hearings last week.
Their own paper has pretty consistently lined up with the deformers. It's obvious the powers that be at the NYT pay more attention to the billionaire boys club than to anyone who actually knows the field of education. One can hope that since de Blasio's entire campaign was based on standing up for regular people, he'll not fall prey to the seductions of the folks with yachts and private jets, as Obama seems to have done... Jeff Nichols
I'm hoping too but my faith in politicians is strained by reality. deB has to show me serious rent money from Eva and other wealthy charters before I become a believer. And reverse - What about reversals of the October co-locos?

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