Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Coming to NYC Next Week: Fear and Loathing (of King and Tisch)

NYSED officials continue to add insult to injury giving NYC parents so little warning and holding both forums the same night. What are they afraid of? ... Leonie Haimson
I'm surprised they aren't holding these events on Dec. 25 and Jan. 1.

More from Leonie:
Just learned that the first NYC NYSED/Regents forums on Common Core, testing and privacy – of which 16 others have already been scheduled and most held elsewhere in the state – are going to be held in Bronx and Brooklyn on the same night, just one week away: Tuesday Dec. 10.
Bronx at Evander Childs HS with Tisch, Brooklyn with King venue as yet unknown (at least to me); both from 6-8PM. More soon.
The one in Manhattan is scheduled for the very next night, Dec 11th. Interesting, that is the evening Diane Ravitch is meeting with parents and teachers at Julie's school in Red Hook.

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  1. I believe Queens is scheduled for New Year's Eve. Guy Lombardo's ghost will be playing the part of King.


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