Friday, December 20, 2013

Portelos Update: A Para for the Defense, Part 2

The story below is a warning to anyone who might think that taxpayer supported DOE Legal has any interest in the truth.

Part 1 is here: Portelos Update: A Para for the Defense, DOE Pulls Race Card, Theresa Europe Sits in to Intimidate Hearing Officer


CROSS EXAMINATION by DOE Legal Jordana Shenkman –

JS: U heard rumors of Apr 2011 meeting P brought up safety concerns – u weren’t there to hear who brought what up and based on hearsay –U didn’t hear admin response – CS: “they don’t talk to us”
JS: U don’t say hello to Hill – 
CS: she doesn’t say hello to us. Majority of tchrs said – she didn’t --- I took it personal – but told to get used to it.
None of admin said hello to most teachers – I stopped taking it personal

JS: you say people at schl afraid of Admin – are u aware of people afraid of P? 
JS: You say safety not being addressed at school – 
JS: That didn’t stop u from sneaking in 2 strange men thru back door not through schl security?
OBJ from Chris Callegy: – You don’t get to make things up. No foundation for your question. 
Now you have to follow the bouncing ball of Shenkman's outrageous (and embarrassing - to her) question about 2 strange men sneaking through security. Shenkman made a big point that they did not sign in - making it look like a criminal act. And also Shenkman's attempt to make it appear CS was disciplined for doing so. The real story came out under Chris C's cross. I'll paraphrase.

CS had bought a small refrigerator for the office she shared and brought her husband and his friend to the school to take it down to his car. [CS was leaving the school permanently and it was the end of the school year.] He drove up to the front of the school but the custodian told him to drive to the loading dock where the door would be open which it was. As they walked two of the AP'S were there and saw them and said nothing. CS took them to security where the guard did not have passes handy and also said she knows CS' husband so she waved them through without signing in.

Principal Linda Hill, vindictive in every way, got in touch CS' district 75 principal who had to take his valuable time to look at the video tape and then told CS not to go back to the school again for the final few days.

She was never disciplined in any way.

The story above is a warning to anyone who might think that taxpayer supported DOE Legal has any interest in the truth.


  1. It's also a warning to CYA at all times.....and dot your Is and cross your Ts.

  2. Jordana Shenkman sounds like a creep.. I hope she gets fired and is out the door soon when new admin takes over....karma, karma, karma...


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