Friday, December 20, 2013

Teacher Protest Over Naming College Office for Walcott

It's hugely disappointing that administration has unilaterally decided to pay tribute to a man who has worked tirelessly to make our jobs less professional, who has vilified us at every turn, who has refused to offer us the compensation he saw fit to give other city employees, and who has supported every baseless corporate reform that has come down the pike while he occupied this office.....Arthur Goldstein, UFT Chapter Leader, Francis Lewis High School
Suck-up deal done without consultation. Two well-known bloggers involved in the school object. Frankly, after watching the 3 Bloomberg Chancellors in action, I would rather see something named for the Cathie Black who did the least harm.

NYC Educator has the scoop (Read some great comments there too.)

As does former FLHS teacher Pissed Off who suggests a better name for the office: Jeff Spielvogel College Office

I think I went to high school (and maybe grade school) with Jeff Spielvogel who had a very distinctive voice that comes back to me even 50 years later. Sadly, I believe he is no longer alive (but if you know differently let me know).

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  1. This is one piece of a larger picture. A critical and extremely detailed analysis of Bloomberg/Klein's education policies just went up on Diane Ravitch's blog


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