Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Back to the Bataan Death March

Well, it's time to get back to the fray. I take a week off and head to Delray Florida for some serious tanning and eating and fraternizing and shit happened while I was gone. Well, I hope you've all been reading the fabulous bloggers on my blog roll to keep up. I am way behind. (I find it real hard to do much blogging while at the beach.) And it was only decent beach weather for the first few days even though it hit in the 80s almost every day. Walking off the plane into 26 degrees? Not fair. The main benefit of the trip was missing the Tisch/King dog and pony show for which Assholes First and Ech4Ech brought out some of their crews.

There were some excellent discussions on many of the listserves about the race card being pulled but also about how many parents of color have legitimate gripes with the public school system.

I would collate some of them and include them here but hell, I'm going to sleep. Gotta get up early tomorrow morning for a dental appointment. And there's nothing like a lazy blogger who leaves all the heavy lifting to the gang on the ednotes blog roll.

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