Thursday, December 12, 2013

22,091 homeless children, how many are at a Moskowitz Success Academy Charter School?

Their numbers have risen above anything in the city’s modern history, to a staggering 22,091 this month. If all of the city’s homeless children were to file into Madison Square Garden for a hockey game, more than 4,800 would not have a seat... Andrea Elliot, NY Times
And how many would find a seat at an Eva Moskowitz Success Academy Charter School? Or in fact, how many of these 22,000 children are in any charter school?
I taught many children like the wonderful Dasani and remember what the end results were for all too many of them. I hope so much there is something better for her. But think of where most of these children go to school and get a deeper understanding of what the charter movement is all about -- allowing the higher end of the poorer communities a choice -- a choice to get their kids away from the Dasanis. A form of educational apartheid. The alternate option for policy makers -- those ed deformers -- would have been to provide a level of support for the neighborhood public school that would really help Dasani and leave enough resources in the public school to support the parents who are deserting them for charters.
Today's 4th installment by the wondrous Andrea (just hand me my Pultizer and every other journalism award) Elliot.

Finding Safety and Strength in the Bonds of Her Siblings

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