Thursday, December 12, 2013

NYC Principal Brian De Vale: I am Daniel-San

I would like to thank John King for forcing this system upon me. My job has never been easier. In fact a high functioning ape could now probably do my job.... Brian De Vale, NYC Principal
It doesn't get any better.

From: De Vale Brian
Sent: Wednesday, December 11, 2013 7:24 PM
To: Logan Ernest (SCA);; Suransky Shael

Subject: I am Daniel -San

I think the entire New Teacher Evaluation System is a disgrace. It strips principals of our ability to write proper, professional observations and I believe it was more about the money paid to the people who made the software and system than it ever was about education.

Nobody involved in the development of this system commands an iota of respect from veteran classroom and school based educators.

That said, as the positive upbeat and God fearing Christian man that I am, I would like to thank John King for forcing this system upon me.

My job has never been easier. In fact a high functioning ape could now probably do my job. I perform several daily observations performed via the "short frequent cycles of observation" technique.... I take "low inference notes" and then align what is there with the rubric in the Danielson book.

No high order thinking required.  This system is a disgrace and has nothing to do with anything I learned in my studies nor decades of superior service. (Please note that this is not MY ego run amok but rather the 7 Straight A's that We received on Their soon to be done away with report cads that none of us believe in).  

I have  done my observations so efficiently that I can quote certain Danielson realms and domains by heart, without believing a I am now " reflecting" to let you know I have played the game. 

I have become Daniel-San (wax on wax off).


I looked upon my Advance reports and old Johnny Cash would have been proud as all I saw was Forty Shades of Green.  Yes that is right, every teacher has been observed 3 informal  and one formal, Pre and post evaluation conferences completed, IPC and artifacts submitted. Screen turns green with  each completed observation and now we are done....And everyone was rated the equivalent of SATISFACTORY under the old system.. I'm done!!! 

Mambo  anyone?????

And guess where the beauty lies?  None of this  was ever necessary. However, now that my official ratings are in, I can focus on the fun stuff that makes a school special. 

Earlier today I watched our fifth grade ballroom Dance Celebration. Tomorrow I will talk about Mandela again with another class. Next week I will attend our Christmas Show, an annual tradition before our Classroom Christmas parties and then visit classrooms playing carols as part of our parrandas!!!  

"It's a Wonderful Life"!!!!

These political hacks fail to realize that while they seek to lower the taxes  of billionaires that is is school leaders like me who  have fired veteran teachers who were no good or just burned out, have counseled out newcomers who just didn't have what it  takes because TEACHING is simply the hardest profession in the world and THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS WHOLE SYSTEM. 

We have unfortunately seen a decade of folks who ran from the classroom after a year in many cases, take charge and make ridiculous  demands of school based educators, and the results have  been a disaster.

Anyway, I have played their game, and my staff and students have won. Now we can all focus on real teaching ad learning.

As Sam Wainright said:

Merry Christmas and Hee Haw!!!!!!

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  1. Brian has done a beautiful job of getting to the heart of the matter. Perhaps we should suggest to Mayor Bill that he should sit down with Brian instead of his so called education advisors before he selects what is sure to be another disaster for chancellor.


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