Sunday, December 29, 2013

Who's to Blame? Round up on Lawrence Scott and Natalya Sokolson Gordon

Let's see now. An investigator for OSI so abuses his position by trying to extort sexual favors from a teacher under the threat of a losing her job and the most that happens to him is that he is forced to resign? Shouldn't he be doing a perp walk?

I posted the story this morning - NY Post Points to Corruption in OSI, DOE Investigations Unit? and others have too.

Chaz reminded me that he did an expose of SCI corrupt investigative practices in October, 2008

The SCI Investigation Of Teachers Is Almost Always One-Sided And Biased. Especially When The Principal Pushes It!

Portelos reminds us that the same investigator also threatened him and has the tape to prove it.
Protect Portelos: A DOE Investigator Did What? – Part 1 -Threat

I was thinking this morning that on the surface this looks like a slam dunk for the teacher but the reality of the DOE legal slime is that they feel it perfectly OK for Scott to do what he did while they look for an excuse to blame the teacher.

And South Bronx (NYC DOE Investigator Lawrence Scott Texts Privates to Teacher He Is Investigating for Corporal Punishment) points to Betsy Combier's  quote in the Post article, "they are still making the victim a culprit" because Ms Gordon did not "report him and that she texted back."

He raises some questions:
Why Investigator Scott is not facing criminal charges is beyond the pale. But three other things concern us here at SBSB.

One, are there any other victims of Investigator Scott's perverse proclivities. Second, has he made such "moves" in the past and was rebuffed, and if so, how did this play in his investigations. And lastly, what other improprieties have occurred OSI over the years?

In the meantime, the Portelos case will go on throughout January when we will go over the 20 day mark for his 3020a hearings (hearing officer alone: $1400 a day, Portelos salary, witnesses who need to be cover and between 2 and 4 DOE legals at the hearing. You could run an entire school for months on the cost of the Portelos hearing alone.

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