Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chatty Cathie: NYC"s Wind-Up School Chancellor Doll


I had a link up a few weeks ago from an ed deformer (Mike Petrilli I think) predicting that Cathie Black would be out of there by April. Accountable Talk figures April Fool.

How about this Wednesday (Jan. 19) at her first PEP meeting? Come on guys, get on down and join the Real Reformers as they try to give Cathie a great welcome - it is after the UFT Delegate Assembly - or concurrently - I am going there first to hand out some leaflets and then on to Brooklyn Tech by 5:30.

We just can't keep up with all the comments on newly Chattie Cathie (remember when we called her Unchattie Cathie when she wouldn't talk to the press - maybe she was right) after her birth control and Sophie's Choice comments. We can only pray she says some more wonderful things at her first PEP on Weds. Jan. 19 but I wouldn't be surprised to see her show up with a muzzle.

David Bellel came up with this graphic at his blog inspired by a post from Perdido Street
Cathie's Choice: New Yorkers Comment On Cathie
Some very interesting comments on the latest Cathie Black gaffe in which she suggested birth control as a solution for school overcrowding and compared "tough decisions" she has to make on school funding and placement to sending children to a Nazi death camp:
A word of advice, Cath. You need to build up a modicum of credibility before you start with the wisecracks. Despite what you may believe, you have none when it comes to the educational system.
Well, what do you expect from a Waspish Park Ave matron? It's just a matter of time before her views on eugenics become public.
Come on, you guys. She was absolutely right. A little birth control would have been a great thing. Pity her own parents didn't use it...........
Here are more posts from RBE at Perdido:

Cathie's Choice: The ATR Solution

Cathie's Choice: To Open A Charter Or Take A Trip To Auschwitz

Cathie's Choice: Even The NY Post Hammers Cathie Black For "Nazi Death Camp" Reference

Wow - you know Cathie Black is hitting bottom when even the NY Post editorial writers are hammering her:

Cathie's Choice: Clueless Cathie Black Puts Her Foot In Her Mouth Again

Cathie Black might possibly be one of the most clueless people in the education reform world today - and given who inhabits this world, that's really saying something:
And of course NYC Educator: Dear Cathie Black, and South Bronx School: Cathie Black's Choice Of Birth Control.

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