Saturday, January 1, 2011

Parody: In Fuhrer Bloomberg's Blizzard Bunker

OK, Get ready for a few politically incorrect items here but I can't resist "A snowstorm, a snowstorm. I broke a teachers union" and Bloomberg's crying daughter being told she could go riding. Well, maybe the "blue little pill" line too.

For those praising and panning the video - give me no credit as I had nothing to do with it. I don't even know who did it.


  1. This video can only be surpassed by watching the Honeymooners later today. Great Fun stormin Norman.

  2. Encore, Encore!!! You're a genius. The caption is on point especially the line that Bloombuck broke the Teachers Union.

  3. That was freakin' Hilarious!

  4. Norm,

    The video is funny if you are into that humor.

    Calling Bloomberg the "Fuhrer" as much as I don't care for him goes way over the top and tells us more about you and your 9% friends.

    Shame on you!

  5. ahhh, a word from Unity hackdom. In fact I had nothing to do with the video and the Hitler thing is so easily overused but this one was fun.

    You 91 percenters will be busy celebrating your new chancellor who you didn't lift a finger against on Monday. Have fun with your 6 figure salaries as she drives the union into the sea while you flail helplessly.

  6. Thanks to those of you who liked it. It was mine and though it might be a tad redundant, I redid it as a Anthony Weiner parody.


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