Monday, January 10, 2011

UFT Loses on Teacher Data

The Judge said: “there is no requirement that data be reliable for it to be disclosed."

What can you say? How long can the union hide from the fact that they made the deal that Klein reneged on. Crying about him being a "liar" will only carry them so far. The leadership will one day get its comeuppance.

Last Updated: 2:43 PM, January 10, 2011
Posted: 2:34 PM, January 10, 2011
"The UFT's argument that the data reflected in the TDRs should not be released because the TDRs are so flawed and unreliable as to be subjective is without merit," the judge wrote, citing legal precedent that "there is no requirement that data be reliable for it to be disclosed."

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  1. If you read the Chief article a couple of weeks back, it quietly suggested that the Unity Caucus got their ass kicked.

    The mayor and his officials have still not disclosed who was in charge when the snow came down during the blizzard. They name no names.

    What will it take for the Unity Caucus to mount an offensive? There has never been a more fertile time to fight the mayor and the DoE..

    John Powers

  2. John
    The answer is "Never". They are not capable of mounting a fight, but they are capable of using PR to make it appear to the members that they are. They are ideologically and morally bankrupt. Fat cats living off the land of member dues. Only classroom teachers under the gun will be able to mount the offensive, which UNity will attempt to coopt or undermine so they can keep control.

    What is needed is an independent organization within the UFT to capture power school by school. With every shot by the ed deformers, the legitimacy of Unity is worn away. There have been some small scale defections but once it is clear that Unity can't deliver more than a few full-time jobs and perks to the people who join, the level of disaffection will scale up. What is missing is a place for them to go. Without a potent voice articulating their needs nothing will happen.


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