Monday, January 17, 2011

The Dudes Are Out at Educators 4 Excellence: Funded by Gates, A Fact Ignored by Gotham Schools

I wrote a post in June saying that they were getting funding from Education Reform now.


  1. Check out Ruben and the Disingenues, appearing regularly at Gotham Schools!

    As for Gotham Schools itself, no one should be surprised at the ed deform-tilting coverage: just take a peek at who funds the place.

    I have always been bothered by the credibility that Elizabeth Green is given by opponents of the hostile takeover of the public schools. Her reportage is almost always refracted through the premises of corporate-run schools, and her coverage of the pseudo-science and neo-Taylorism of Doug Lemov's bogus "taxonomy" of effective teaching, which the New York Times Magazine graced with a cover, will be a case in point for future historians of this ongoing crime.

  2. The worst part of this hostile takeover is the complicity of "The Press". Once the watchdog of a free society , the press in NYC of all places has completely caved on this issue. From the wasted money Bloomberg continues to waste on not placing the ATRs, to the computer system scandal, and much else in this matter, the constant slander and libel of hard working lower middle class workers, the press has turned out to be a parasitical partner in this tragedy. If I had to name this movie, I'd call it "The Night of the Living Yuppy". Why...? Because the education field has now been turned into a possible lucrative profession by Ivy leaguers and their lackeys. In a near depression, there ARE NO JOBS, and the field of education has now become an alternative in our management loving culture. Overpay management, pay the rest peanuts...attacking the proles as much as possible...keeping them on the run, while management soaks up everything...Check out the number of new teachers who are enrolled in "educational leadership" programs...anotherwords are seeking to flee the classroom and become management to see what THEIR true intentions are. HIGH numbers of them are seeking to jump on this ed bandwagon for the bigger bucks, and the opportunity to wag their finger at the prole teachers, who stand to lose salary AND benefits if the pigs get their way. Also, the slick Ivy leaguers and others, are trying to develop ed. products that they can quickly turn over and get rich from as they lobby other ed deformers as they repeat their incantations, circling the burning of those evil union witches (teachers)....burn baby burn...smell the burning The Press adds fuel to the fire...This is class warfare and professional genocide at its worst...really sad to watch...and our union remains mum...Now I know hoe Sitting Bull felt...the genocide coming from all sides...

  3. The ultimate truth about oppression: that it works by turning its victims against each other instead of against their oppressors.

  4. Recent news about Educators 4 Excellence: their LA branch recently took to using its member email subscriber list to solicit likes for one of their employee's Chloe and Isabel jewelry Facebook pages. We have also been made aware of rumors that E4E posts open positions in order to attract out-of-work teachers, getting them to sign up for E4E and complete surveys, which bolsters their membership. The candidates are then told, sometimes months later and after numerous interviews, that they will not be hired.


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