Monday, January 17, 2011

Mulgrew to Speak to Restricted E4E Event

I posted this at Ed Notes this morning:

The Dudes Are Out at Educators 4 Excellence: Funded by Gates, A Fact Ignored by Gotham Schools

Now we get their invite to meet Mulgrew. But you have to sign the pledge and enter a lottery. Can you imagine - a lottery to go hear Mulgrew? This pledge commits you to support core E4E principles. Or you can't attend. But then again if you start scratching how the UFT has functioned you may end up there anyway. Maybe Mulgrew might even sign. Oh, yes, E4E is funded in part by Gates and other secret donors. Hmmm, Mulgrew should be right at home. Here's the pledge: As educators, we demand a system that:
  1. Recruits, retains, and supports the highest quality teachers by offering
    • A higher starting salary
    • Encouragement and opportunity for continued intellectual development
    • High level professional development and support
    • An evenhanded merit-based pay structure to reward excellent teachers
  2. Restores professionalism to education by
    • Evaluating teachers through a holistic and equitable system that incorporates value-added student achievement data as one component of effectiveness
    • Reestablishing tenure as a significant professional milestone through use of a comprehensive teacher evaluation system 
    • Eliminating the practice of "Last In, First Out" for teacher layoffs
  3. Places student achievement first by
    • Giving students and parents more opportunity to choose great schools
    • Displaying more transparency in both fiscal choices and decision-making processes
    • Implementing an effective system of evaluating administrators
    • Adopting higher standards for students and teachers
    • Opening the education reform conversation to the voices of teachers and parents
Some fluff here to cover up the real intention - read the code - end LIFO which really ends tenure.

You and the UFT: A Conversation with UFT President Michael Mulgrew
This is an extraordinary opportunity for teachers to meet, ask questions of, and hear from President Mulgrew of the United Federation of Teachers. This continues E4E's series of Q&A events with important policymakers. This speaker series is designed to give teachers direct access to the individuals who make decisions that impact our profession and our classrooms. We hope you can join us to share your voice!
WHEN: Tuesday, January 25th (6:00 - 7:30PM)
WHERE: Location TBA
RSVP REQUIRED: Please RSVP by clicking here
 *Due to limited space and the importance of maintaining a conversational atmosphere, we will be using a lottery system to select attendees for this event. Please RSVP as soon as possible to enter your name into this lottery. If selected, you will be notified by e-mail with further event details no later than January 21st. Thank you for your understanding.*



  1. I tried to register to attend their forum with Mulgrew. But, it would not allow me to further the registration unless I check the box that states "I read and agree with the E4E Declaration and want to be a member of E4E".

    No way will I check that box. I just wanted to attend to hear Mulgrew's speech to those TEA Party/TFA teachers.

  2. Mulgrew should call for an event open to people with a range of opinions. But then again he doesn't also doesn't want those people there. This looks almost like a UFT Exec Bd meeting where only they can participate. Except you don't have to sign a loyalty oath to get in - but maybe that's coming too.

  3. A clear violation of Open Meetings Law, and an outright slap in the face of all union dues-paying members.

  4. I can't believe Mulgrew is going to meet with them. I might puke. Then I'll let Ruben Brosbe know so he can write about it.


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