Thursday, January 20, 2011

GEM and Real Reformers Rock the House at the PEP

Organized by the Grassroots Education Movement (GEM), which is working as part of the Ad Hoc Committee to Stop School Closings - see GEM blog for all groups involved - working with the Real Reformers.

NYC parent activists Lisa Donlan and Khem Irby lead Real Reformers in song at the monthly Panel for Educational Policy meeting, new Chancellor Cathie Black's first taste of what is to come.
Khem has such a great voice - I told her I want her to sing at my Bar Mitzvah.

The UFT sent a crew of staffers with their own song. All groups - GEM and the UFT - joined in with each other to sing along on both songs - though I can't resist one little snark - a UFT staffer said "Well, it sounded good at the staff meeting." But with a little more work they may nail it.

I attempted to capture the new Olympic sport, condom tossing.

See my Wave column for Friday: Condomnation

Maybe people were in a good mood since the UFT passed our resolution on closing schools and is supporting out Jan. 27 demo.

UFT Delegate Assembly Resolution: Support School Closing Demonstration on January 27, 2011

UFT Secretary Michael Mendel said he wants to speak. He made a rousing speech at the PEP and I will put it up with Julie Cavanagh's fabulous comments later tonight.

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