Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jan. 27: Feelin' Groovy at the Snow Day Rally at Tweed

That seems to be the way people reacted to today's snow day "Stop Closing Schools and Charter Takeovers" rally with Tweed and City Hall hulking in the background. And Cathie Black didn't come, though she was nviLots of new face, lots of familiar faces, old, young, in-between teachers, parents and children. And a band too.
I wasn't even making snide comments when Leo Casey spoke representing the UFT (Michael Mendel called to say he was snowed in.)

Lots of good video to process and analysis to do.There were many groups supporting and sponsoring the rally but I am especially proud of the GEM activists who led to drive to make this event happen.

Updated: Video and photo links

Fightback Friday blog: Video & Images From The January 27th Rally

Jamaica HS student play reading:


Sam Coleman, GEM & NYCORE, speaks to crowd of 300 that navigated the 1.5 inches of snow to protest at City Hall unjust policies of school closings, charter takeovers and the privatization of public education. Message: activiate your UFT union at schools across the city to fightback!
Thank you, Brother Radio Rahim of Coalition for Public Education, CPE

Here are a few stills I took soon after we got there to set up.

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