Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jamaica HS Closing School Hearing - Lots of Passion - But Directed at Bloodless John White

Just got back from the hearing, loaded with hours of tape. That after hours of tape from last night's PEP. I just can't process it fast enough.

Really. I've never seen John White in the daytime. I would check the coffin. Maybe hold a mirror in front of his face. Or wave a cross. Then again, there's always the stake.

White, the DOE company slug, represented Tweed and Juan Mendez was there as the Queens HS Supt, the 5th I believe in the last 2 years. Good school support, Joel. Mendez is supposed to be a professional educator, unlike White whose profession when he lived in Transylvania is unknown.

White presented so-called facts which Chapter leader James Eterno ripped to shreds with a powerful Powerpoint presentation. The UFT Queens borough hierarchy came out in support along with UFT Secretary (2nd highest officer) Michael Mendel.

State Senator Tony Avella was there all night and I invited him to the Jan. 27 rally. David Weprin also made an appearance.

A key point made all was showing how Jamaica was starved of resources. I'll try to get James' presentation, along with some strong student comments up on you tube over the next few days.

The only press I recognized was Maura Walz from Gotham who was also covering for WNYC. She was still there interviewing some students when I left.

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