Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Going to Snow: What Will Black Do?

Thanks to Jeff Kaufman for sending this blast from the past

Check this out, one year ago.

February 9, 2010, 11:55 am

Schools Closed Tomorrow
LIZ ROBBINSUpdated, 2:47 p.m. | New York City public schools will be closed on Wednesday, the Department of Education announced on Tuesday in a pre-emptive decision one day before a significant winter storm is due to hit the region.

Some courts and city offices will also be closed, as will Catholic schools.

Nearly a foot of snow is expected Wednesday in the metropolitan area, with most of the heavy accumulation anticipated in the afternoon. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg urged everyone who works in the city to take mass transit, even if the morning commute seems doable, echoing comments by schools Chancellor Joel Klein.

"While travel conditions to school in the morning may not be difficult, the weather is expected to worsen as the day progresses, complicating dismissal," Mr. Klein stated. "We are making this decision today to give parents as much time as possible to make alternative plans for tomorrow."

This was only the third time since 2004 that schools were closed, the previous citywide closure coming on March 2, 2009.

Most private schools in the city were likely to close Wednesday as well. Trinity on the Upper West Side called off classes, as did Collegiate, according to e-mail messages sent to parents. There was no word yet from the head of school at Horace Mann in Riverdale. Elsewhere in Manhattan, the Calhoun School announced on its Web site before noon that it was closing, but by 12:30 p.m., Friends Seminary hadn't yet decided. St. Ann's School in Brooklyn Heights keeps a standard note on its Web site: when New York City public schools are closed, it is too.

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  1. On NY1 Bloomturd said a decison will be made at 5 am tomorrow- but urged NYers to stay off the road. What a jerk. Regardless, I am not going in- the LIRR may suspend service and I wouldn't be surprised if MetroNorth follows suit- which would leave many of us without a way home. That's not even considering trecherous conditions on the roads to and from stations.

  2. He is an idiot! He states travel will be difficult. But, parents should be up at 5am to hear the news. While most parents will make arrangements just in case, I am sure parents would appreciate more notice than that.

    Last time Klein had a delayed opening, he expected teachers to show up at their regular time. I emailed Randi who said the delayed time was for teachers too.

    Last year Bloomberg demanded people move their cars after a big storm and called them lazy if they didn't get up early to shovel off the snow. While one can remove the snow from their car, the car won't always cooperate trying to leave the snowy, icy spot.

    PS: I expected the ruling re: publishing teachers names to be against us from the very beginning one reason being that the UFT agreed to use VAM as an evaluation measure when they should have told Klein to shove it.

  3. UFT doesn't tell then to shove it until Unity Caucus is itself under threat. When they are finding themselves with 500 charter schools and one third the members they might act. But I'm not even sure that would do it.

  4. Personally, I think this appeal is a sham just as it was last year when they stood against the school closings then gave Bloomberg what he wanted in the first place--small schools. When Randi embraces everything Gates says and does, she will go through the motions of acting upset, but that handshake under the table is in the end what drives her.

  5. It's outrageous that in a blizzard when transportation authorities are urging people to stay home our self-righteous mayor keeps the schools open --probably to feed his ego, to show that his workers can clean the streets.
    Teachers, please chime in at my blog's poll, with your report of attendance rates on Jan. 12, on the day of this season's second big storm.
    Thanks, NY City Eye.


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