Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It is Not Only Bloomberg's Secret Agenda

This article (Bloomberg's Secret Education Agenda) by Marc Epstein has a lot of meat in it. But it is misleading in focusing attention on Bloomberg and not on the national ed deform attack. Before there was a Bloomberg and Klein, there was Mayor Daly and Paul Vallas in Chicago since 1995. Ed Notes began trumpeting the dangers as early as 2001 starting on the day that Randi Weingarten endorsed the concept of mayoral control. She accused me, with much outrage, of calling her a sellout. Hmmm. I also tried to steer the conversation from just focusing on what Klein was doing and onto the full agenda.

Of course, the UFT wanted to focus only on Klein (even often making Bloomberg out to be a good guy who you could deal with. Now, knowing full well the leadership knew what I did about the "agenda" and signed on to whole parts of it, I had to come to the conclusion they were purposely mis-educating the membership as to what is really going on. From there it was easy to jump to "They are collaborators."
"Politicians and Education Carpetbaggers have come to realize that you can fund charter schools like group homes and eliminate your public education payroll, pension, and benefit packages. Their attitude towards public education is "why do it for free when you can make money at it?"
I suspect that the powers that be really don't think they can turn things around and educate kids from horrific social circumstances by firing teachers endlessly. But if they succeed in decoupling public education from government, they'll live quite comfortably ever after. 
The handwriting is on the wall. When the small school initiative fails, Bloomberg or his successor will have an easier job of washing their hands of the system and suggest that not for profit charters take the headache of their hands.
The shell game can't last."
---Excerpt from Jamaica HS teacher Marc Epstein's, Bloomberg's Secret Education Agenda at the Huffington Post.

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