Sunday, January 9, 2011

UFT Structure

Someone asked me to send this for a workshop on the UFT. A little crowded but has most of the info embedded. Groups like NYCORE and Teachers Unite have been reaching out to the newer crop of teachers and are offering them insights into the union since so many arrive with a negative attitude towards the union. Now, if you only make a judgement based on the actions of the leadership you night not blame them. But the union structure, in the hands of a democratic oriented leadership with a progressive agenda could be a massive force in opposing ed deform. From what I've been hearing, the interest level has been rising. If I goofed anywhere let me know. Click (and weep! )


  1. I'm sorry but looking at the flowchart and following its connectors got me very dizzy.

    There has to be an easier way of creating a union-based organization. Isn't called democracy? It's very simple, fair, and all parties are treated equally.

  2. Just like a piece of machinery, more complex it gets, more control it usually gives to its master.


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