Monday, January 10, 2011

Leo Casey: If you like to sing and dance, and would be interested in some flash mob actions around the closing schools, let me know

Last Update: Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2011, 9am

How much fun is this email from Leo Casey - the UFT is so devoid of ideas they are stealing from GEM, which has been flashmobbing and singing at PEP meetings and at the Waiting for Superman premiere. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. I'm greasing my voice and practicing my dance steps.

The UFT is worried (for good reason) that if they try to get teachers out to PEPs, they will discover that "real reformers" are doing THEIR job! I think it is a good bet to say they have been embarrassed to act!

See below the fold for more. Note how Leo urges the high school committee meeting to go to the PEP - but the UFT is in not organiizng the kind of massive response they did at last January's historic 8 hour PEP meeting.

From: "Leo Casey" <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2011 16:01:42 -0500
To: #UFT High School Staff<>; Robert Zuckerberg<>; Mary Wade<>; Ira Munet<>; Richard Mantell<>; Thomas Bennett<>; Alfred Gonzales<>; Servia Silva<>; Michael McCourt<>; Dwayne Clark<>; Donna Manganello<>; Mayra Cruz<>; Pat Filomena<>; Carmen Z. Quinones<>; Carol Harrison<>; Steven Goldberg<>; Alice Cooper-Jackson<>; Maritza Perez<>; Rick King<>

As it now stands, the January Delegate Assembly has been moved to this Wednesday, January 12th. As I am sure you are all aware, there are weather forecasts of a serious snowstorm starting Tuesday evening which may preempt that meeting. We will make a decision on the Delegate Assembly tomorrow (Tuesday), and send it out via e-mail and robo-calls.

The original date of the January High School Committee was this coming Wednesday. Before we heard of the possible snowstorm, we had moved the High School Committee meeting to Wednesday January 19th to accommodate the new Delegate Assembly date. January 19th is the date of a Panel for Educational Policy meeting which will begin a series of meetings on school closing with consideration of school co-locations, and our plan was to have the High School Committee meeting at the Brooklyn UFT and then go over to the PEP meeting at Brooklyn Tech. Should the Delegate Assembly be held this Wednesday, we will continue with these plans and hold the meeting on the 19th. If, however, the Delegate Assembly is postponed until January 19th, we will just cancel the January High School Committee meeting. As soon as we know how this will all play out, I will be back in touch with you. But if you can possibly do so, please make plans to attend the January 19th PEP meeting.

If you like to sing and dance, and would be interested in some flash mob actions around the closing schools, please let me know by responding to this email.

Leo Casey
Vice President, Academic High Schools
United  Federation  of  Teachers
52  Broadway,  14th  Floor
New  York,  New  York

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