Monday, January 10, 2011

Call to Support Brandeis Campus Schools

Call to Support Brandeis Campus Schools

If you read the piece I posted on Saturday evening about Brandeis HS closing it seemed that 2 of the 3 new schools opened look like place holders - temporarily in the building just-a-waiting for the Eva Moskowitz charter invasion to take over the building. The 3rd middle class select school would seem safe but may also be worried that Eva will eventually gobble them up too.

Thus a Jan. 25 event at the school.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Brandeis High School: Diary of a School Designed f...":

Support the existing schools and protest charter co-locations at the JANUARY 25 5PM RALLY outside Brandeis (84th between Col & Amst). The DOE hearing about the Success co-location begins at 6pm (sign up beginning at 5:30 to speak your comment). Please also e-mail your comments on the charter co-location to More info about the rally, hearing & co-location on (p.s. If you oppose this co-location, you likely also oppose Success' drive to expand at PS149 and Wadleigh/FDAII. We have no room! Please comment on all D3 co-locations!)

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