Saturday, July 28, 2012

@AFT Share My Lesson = No Speeches

It's like giving you the best wine and pissing in it with the common core --- George Schmidt
 Remember when Randi spent a million bucks developing a curriculum for NYC teachers to use? Nada came of it but it looked like good PR at the time. She might as well have dug a hole and tossed the money in.

Now we have Share my lesson online as solution driven unionism. You know the solution is we need better lesson plans. How about share my test prep lessons for common core?

This is in the ed deform book ---- solutions are on the teacher. Have 35 in your class or an abusive principal who makes you teach pablum and test prep? No excuses and no worries. Go to Share My Lesson.

She just acknowledged David Sherman, the old UFT Veep I think I once ran against in the elections, for being involved in this project.

I went to the bathroom and saw 2 of our Brooklyn UFT people, one of whom teaches 1 period a day. I urged him to use Share My Lesson.


Forget everything I said about Share My Lesson. We went to the Detroit Institute of Art for a few hours tonight and SURPRISE, we all got this nice lunch bag with a box of caramels (they ran out of dessert in the museum). I don't know what I will do with a lunch bag other than packing it to eat in my backyard. But I can be bought for a lunch bag and caramels. Don't forget it.


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Anonymous said...

Two years ago prior to the delegates going to Seattle, the UFT held an unprecedented meeting to explain how the delegates should conduct themselves. There was considerable confusion as Leroy Barr made several mistakes while attempting to explain Roberts Rules. My Point the Seattle convention was the Gates convention and Randi needed to pass the useless AFT resolution on evaluations and union input. We see how that has worked, this useless crap of lesson planning is comparable to the Polish army defensive strategy prior to September 1, 1939.

Anonymous said...

But Unity got 90% of the vote so whose fault is this?