Monday, July 30, 2012

@AFT - Chicago Teachers Protest RTTT During/After Biden Speech


Substance REPORTS: Some AFT delegates protest Race To The Top while majority don 'Obama Biden 2012' tee shirts during speech by Vice President Joe Biden 

UPDATE: Read Biden speech, NYC Educator style:

Good Day AFT

MORE UFT Members Lisa and Gloria show solidarity with the CTU
We took most of these pics right after the Biden speech as CTU members handed out leaflets outside the hall. The first few were taken as Biden began to speak. Karen Lewis, CTU President and an AFT Ex Bd VP did not join the other AFT Veeps on the stage. Below she crosses her arms, showing displeasure at an unconditional endorsement.

Note that while most people in the audience wore blue Obama/Biden tee-shirts, most CTU members wore their red shirts.

This came in from an ed notes reader:
I just learned that Joe Biden's brother operates a charter chain in Florida I think teachers should not vote for Obama. I think the push should be to get as many teachers as possible to state they will not vote for Obama as long as he supports RttT and refuses to affirm support for public schools in a meaningful manner, and, addresses the issue of Biden's brother operating a charter chain and the possible affects in may have on this administration's education policies.


David Stone writes  at Subsatnce:

Trying to send a message to U.S. Vice President Joe Biden when he addressed the American Federation of Teachers on Sunday, July 29, 2012, delegates from the Chicago Teachers Union joined by other delegates held signs protesting Race to the Top. The CTU members wore CTU red shirts, while the majority of AFT delegates were wearing blue shirts with an Obama/Biden message.
The AFT has taken no official stands against the Obama Administration's under-funded, coercive, test-driven Race to the Top education program. The resolution passed by the convention against high-stakes testing and test abuse mentions "No Child Left Behind" (the program of the Bush administration) as creating test abuse, but does not mention "Race To The Top" (the current program of the Obama administration), which requires even more testing.

 Chicago Teachers Union delegates to the AFT convention (above) refused to wear the blue "Obama Biden" tee shirts that were being given away to delegates or hoist the "Obama Biden" signs, instead wearing Chicago's distinctive red tee shirts and silently holding up signs reading "Stop Race To The Top" during the July 29 speech by Vice President Joe Biden. Substance photo by George N. Schmidt.


Pogue said...

Wow. Great to see. Norm, you're doing a fantastic job with this coverage.

Anonymous said...

Surprise few teachers at the convention knew about Biden's brother lobbying for charters. It was reported awhile ago.

There is a FB page called "Teachers and Parents NOT Voting for Obama or Romney". Hopefully if more teachers join that page, Obama may have to open up his eyes to what Biden saw.

EmmaYaBasta said...

Chicago Teachers wear red, not Biden blue at AFT convention

Unknown said...

Hi Norm,

Biden, Kevin Johnson, and Rhee at a fund raiser in Sacramento.

ed notes online said...

Wrong Kevin Johnson -- that is Rhee's husband, the former basketball player and mayor of Sacramento who was once charged with inappropriate contact with a minor -- children first.

Anonymous said...

Karen Lewis and CTU have got it right. The UFT and rest of AFT are doing a great disservice to the teachers they represent and the children when they blindly support Obama. If there was any time to challenge RTtt and Arne Duncan's anti teacher policies it was now. Why should Obama even consider changes when he has us in his hip pocket? Right on CTU, wish there were more like you.