Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Trouble in New Orleans Charter Paradise - Raza Consulting: All About the Adults

It is hard to keep up with Diane Ravitch, whose new baby is blogging -- about 10 times a day. So much good stuff but so are the comments on the NYC Ed Listserve. Keep an eye on the mostly privatized New Orleans school system as it comes down around the ears of the privatizers. But when it does we will still never see a regenerated public school system in NO. That horse has left the barn. That is why the battle to the death with charters must take place no matter how good a few of them are. But until the UFT/AFT/NEA use whatever power they have left to point out exactly what is happening, we are taking pea shots at Goliath. All we can do is slime and smear every charter transgression we can to paint them for what they ultimately are and will be --- in the very end there will be less choice than we have in public schools. Here is the opening of Diane's post followed by 2 NYC parent activists, Mona and Lisa.

Down in New Orleans, which corporate reformers treat as a model for the nation, thereĆ¢€™s trouble.
One of the charter groups, called the Algiers Charter Schools Association, is in hot water with parents. Algiers has eight charters, enrolling over 5,000 students. It recently lost its CEO and hired an interim chief academic officer, Aamir Raza, from New York City to implement changes. Raza is a management consultant (not an educator, needless to say) who had worked for the New York City Department of Education charter office. Read it all at: Trouble in New Orleans Charter Paradise

Lol- another DOE charter office lackey who jumped ship after Duffy left to start his own consulting business, Raza Consulting (http://razaconsultinggroup.com/) providing services to charters including the IKEA/Innovate charter school among others- that he pushed to be incubated in Tweed. I've had my run ins with him as has Lisa Donlan. This is so funny. He knows jack $hit and is now in New Orleans. Oh my head.
--- Mona Davids

The pipeline from the DoE Charter School Office  to privatized parasite of our ed-dollars  is at least as strong as the one from the DoE ed admin bureaucracy to the DoE CFN networks and the not for profit networks such as New Visions, etc.
What a racket! Cronyism, corruption and profiteering via privatization are the legacy of our education mayor and mayoral control.
How is this about kids and not the adults?
-----Lisa Donlan

Before I do 10 more blogs I'm going outside to recover from this morning's colonoscopy -- video later.

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