Monday, July 9, 2012

Parody of Ed Deform: Race to the Top Cake

A short time ago these Harvard students would have been jumping on the ed deform bandwagon. Now they are making fun of deformers. Are real reformers beginning to turn the tide with our little potshots against billionaires with atomic weapons? 
A blog by Harvard education school graduate students pokes fun at the reform moment. (HugsyFunnies). I picked up this great link at Gotham. 

Watch what happens when four HGSE students get down and dirty in the kitchen with School Reform. Props to Sam, Rachel, Hannah, and Jill (all IEP) for creating this masterpiece! “It’s a battle for who will win the Race to the Top Cake”
Here is part 1.

See the other parts at:

Top Ref


Afterburn: Another signpost of the decline of ed deform

"The billionaire backed Students First shows horrendous data. See this link and refer to the 120 people talking about it and the slope downward of new likes. nearly to the base.
  Hmmmm...consider the money, the PR, the political influence, and what do you have? Failure of epic proportions? A realization that Students First has much more to do with mining the public schools for profit and shortchanging the public school student while busting unions than the misleading title of the group?
 An amazing example of the minority overtaking the majority as  $$$First policies become law with so little support from the families of the 51million public school students?? An incident where taking a mouth taper and calling her Superman via Hollywood doesn't work? 

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