Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Learn about MORE this summer: Can YOU imagine a transformed UFT?

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If the idea of a different UFT intrigues you. . .if you can imagine a union that stands up to the attacks on us and our students. . . having a say in what OUR union does with OUR dues money. . . . if you want a union that recognizes the racism and inequity in our school system and organizes us to fight against it. . . a union that actually helps you organize at your school when problems arise. . . 

Members from NYCoRE, GEM, Teachers Unite, ICE and TJC (the last two were the caucuses in the UFT already fighting for change) began meeting a couple of years ago with the goal of combining our groups' strengths in order to transform OUR union. This winter MORE, Movement Of Rank and file Educators, was born. 

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Come to our Thursday Night Summer Series at:      
LOLITA Bar - located at 266 Broome Street (Between Grand & Delancey Streets) NYC, take the F to Delancey St. or the J, M, Z to Essex St.



Each “listen & learn” discussion will be preceded by a brief membership meeting at which all are welcome, and followed by happy hour socializing & schmoozing

July 12 

The Roots of MORE:  The UFT, Then and Now – Historical perspective of caucuses in the UFT over the past half century. {With Michael Fiorillo and Norm Scott]

July 19 –

Union Elections- Nuts & Bolts- How do you do it anyway?

August 2 –

“Each one, Teach one:” MORE Messaging and Outreach

August 16 –

Growing into the Fall: Launching our Fall Campaign

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