Saturday, July 7, 2012

Susan Ohanian Reports

Here is another great compilation from Susan. So many links, so little time.

The Good News item is so good that I can't even describe it.

And Outrages pile up.

Having just suffered WORD's obstructive mechanism to prepare citations for a long paper and being married to someone who just survived citations for a book, this old New Yorker piece hits home.  I put this observation about WORD up in notable quotes on my site: 'When, in the old days, you hit the wrong key on your typewriter, you got one wrong character. Strike the wrong keys in Word and you are suddenly writing in Norwegian Bokmal (Bokmal?). And you have no idea how you got there; you can spend the rest of the night trying to get out.'

For more, read Louis Menand's hilarious 'The End Matter: The nightmare of citation' at

Once you've had a laugh, then you can visit the outrages below.


Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself
Francine Prose
New York Times Book Review

The loony Common Core prejudice against fiction pops up in a book review by Fancine Prose. She wonderfully refutes any claims that fiction isn't critical to our lives.

Who will oppose the total takeover of public education?
compiled by Susan Ohanian
NEA news

Here's a recent Gates contribution to NEA that I missed. And info on NEA's Knowledge Partner.

'Dump Duncan' motion & supporting speeches censored at NEA convention
Jonathan Massey
Democratic Underground

Here's the speech for dumping Duncan that NEA would not allow.It comes less than two months after Gates gave NEA more than half a million. Just a coincidence.

How to get kids reading and writing over the summer
Anindita Basu Sempere with comment by Susan Ohania
Washington Post Answer Sheet

This is an outrageous, harmful piece. I rebut.

Bibb school chief and his miracle plan under fire
Maureen Downey
Atlantic Journal-Constitution  Get Schooled Blog

This almost sounds like an Onion story.

Microsoft's Lost Decade: Microsoft’s Downfall: Inside the Executive E-mails and Cannibalistic Culture That Felled a Tech Giant
Vanity Fair

These scathing remarks about Microsoft management style are a teaser for Vanity Fair's August issue.

Forgive us our Press Passes.
Ira Glass, Sarah Keonig
This American Life

This journalistic method covered in This American Life works well with the Obama/Duncan education policy, which is all data and no essence. The journalist who blew the whistle calls it 'pink slime' journalism.

Vermont lives: Kingdom teen a farmer, student, even genius
David Goodman
Burlington Free Press

Don't miss this wonderful story, which includes a wonderful teacher.

No Child Left Behind Lives On
Dana Goldstein with Stephen Krashen analysis
The Nation blog

Strong reaction to the NY Times article on the end of NCLB.
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