Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Fingerprints of Randi: Cleveland AFT Local Signs on to Vicious Ed Deform

 How many more cities can we add to the Randi Sellout Tour since 2009?

So what kind of advice do you think Randi would give the teachers in Chicago if they would listen to her? Do you think she REALLY supports them striking given the deal below (and see Detroit, Hartford, Washington, NY, etc). You know I used to stand outside the DA handing out leaflets with the great David Bellel photoshop above calling out: ALL ABOARD THE RANDI NATIONAL SELL-OUT TOUR, COMING SOON TO A CITY NEAR YOU.  And I'd call out all the cities. How much fun to watch the Unity Caucus slugs scurry by as they full well knew they had supported whatever Randi wanted at the AFT convention -- and will do so again in Detroit in a couple of weeks.

From Mike Klonsky:
The new law overrides the union's contract and discards previous board-union agreements governing teacher pay and layoffs, does away with tenure, lengthens the school day and year without accompanying compensation, evaluates and pays teachers based largely on student test scores, and pushes the biggest move yet towards privately managed charter schools along the lines of the Philadelphia model. The new law is also an affront to parents, requiring them to attend meetings under penalty of law. It will take badly-needed funds away from neighborhood public schools and line the pockets of politically connected consultants.

The worst part of this mess is that it was supported by the Democrats and by the AFT and the Cleveland Teacher Union --not only supported, but hailed as "a model of collaboration" for the entire nation. The last time we heard that kind of talk from state union bureaucrats was here in Illinois after the passage of the anti-union SB-7 bill.

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  1. My video

    NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Teacher Evaluations!!

    I think Randi is a loud mouthed political hack and I made this video to challenge Mr. Bloomberg since he felt evaluations should be made public and he had Joel Klein on his team. I would like to see Mr. Bloomberg take this challenge and go with it as hard and as far as he could push this agenda!


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