Sunday, July 8, 2012

UFT/AFT Sells Out on Common Core

collaborate: to cooperate, usually willingly, with an enemy nation, especially with an enemy occupying one's 
I can't get behind AFT's resolution on Common Core Standards. To me it contradicts their resolution on testing.
Really, who will oppose the takeover of public education if the teacher unions don't lead that opposition but collaborate, Randi's favorite word?


Are the new national academic standards rotten to the (Common) Core?
Maureen Downey/
Atlantic Journal-Constitution  Get Schooled Blog

A Georgia superintendent takes on the Common Core
To the editor
Laura N. Arneson
New York Times

I am so glad that someone answered the outrageous opinion piece about the books necessary to gain 'world knowledge.' The author of that revealed only that she's drunk way too much Common Core Kool-Aid.


  1. Norm,

    Before you go using my tweet to go off batshit crazy on the AFT, please get your facts straight. First of all, this is just a resolution being proposed by a local in Oklahoma of non-instructional staff, asking the AFT for support and training around Common Core, same as instructional staff gets. The AFT exec board hasn't endorsed it and the AFT convention hasn't even been held yet.

    Yes, I have been openly critical of Common Core Standards and find CCS at odds with the AFT's anti-testing resolution. But I am even more at odds with those who use every disagreement to launch broadsides against the union.

    The picture you posted with the title cut off is misleading and the conclusions you draw are way out of proportion to the issue you are referring to here. You need to make some corrections

  2. Mike
    I will do a follow-up on this. I am not launching broadsides against the union but against the narrow oligarchy running the union where decisions to support CCS are made at the top level and misinformation is given to members. I admit to being crude but unless some of us launch broadsides against a leadership that has shut out the voices of the members we will never be able to put up a fight as a union.

  3. Good. Thanks for the follow up.


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