Friday, July 6, 2012

Future Opt-Outer Born

Note the same mohawk as daddy

Good news: Julie Cavanagh gave birth at 2 AM this morning to Jack (congrats to Glenn and Julie). She was 2 weeks late.

There's even better news for Jack's future:

"A study of city public school students found more time in the womb equaled higher test scores. (MSNBC)."

But we all know that Jack will be a test-opt outer.

Really, it's about time. She seems to have been pregnant for years. Julie promised pics soon. [Here it is].

Jack joins Ruben, Sam Coleman's son born last November, as the next generation of baby activists. That Julie and Sam, two of the leading young(er) activists in GEM (and MORE) have been involved with such important events in their lives has certainly been a factor in the overall movement's progress. And with always amazing Liza Campbell moving to Seattle (hopefully for only 2 years) the movement has certainly taken a hit.

But the joy everyone feels at these exciting events overcomes all. Gotta go buy some diapers.


  1. Congrats to Julie. She can tell her kid that she was a star in that Superman movie.

  2. Congrats to Julie and Glen. I would like to tell Jack that he has been blessed to have such wonderful parents.

  3. Congrats. But I thought u told me she gave birth a few weeks ago.

  4. Congratulations to Julie and Glenn. Glad Gotham picked this one up.

  5. I'm so happy for Julie and Glenn. Congratulations! Enjoy him while he can't talk back.


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